Our hero police officers protect and serve us, keeping our communities safe, responding to our calls for help, and running to danger while others are running away.

No, they are not perfect, and yes, there are some bad cops, but SupportOurPolice.com contends that the vast majority of our officers are doing their best to protect and serve our communities in an ethical, compassionate, and courageous manner, and thus they deserve our support.

So what can you do in your community to support your police? You can thank them for their service, just like we thank our hero military personnel and veterans. Our hero police officers are always ready to do battle on our behalf — and risk their lives (just like our hero military personnel) — when they respond to our calls for help.

And you can encourage other people to thank them also. We need to get as many people involved as possible so we can spread and strengthen this mindset of gratitude towards our hero officers, and so we can make phrases like “thank you for protecting and serving our community” and “thank you for your service” phrases that our police officers constantly will hear.

We can also work to strengthen community relations with our police by communicating with them and working to create a positive atmosphere of respect, cooperation, support, and caring and concern for everyone in our community — residents, officers, and those struggling in our community, including the homeless.

And we can provide them with information that may be helpful to them.

And we can create events to support them. I will be launching events to support the great officers in the Chula Vista Police Department (in Chula Vista, California). I believe that we have one of the best police departments in the country, with caring officers who work hard to protect and serve us. I hope you feel the same about your police department and your officers, and that you take actions to support them (additional information and ideas about events and supportive actions you can take for your officers will be posted in the future).

We can also send them letters and submit commendations to the department when they have done work that we appreciate.

And when their work is not up to par, we can let them know that, too. Again, they are not perfect, and there will be problems, so if you deem it necessary, file a complaint (or multiple complaints) and feel free to send letters to the appropriate personnel in the department. If they are doing their job properly and truly care, they will respond positively to your complaints and your input. And, of course, if an officer engages in misconduct in any way, is unethical, unprofessional, rude, abusive, discriminatory, uses excessive force, or violates the law, then take all appropriate actions. We do not support any officers who conduct themselves in this way and share everyone's outrage with officer misconduct. No officer gets a pass!

No resident should ever be subjected to police misconduct , and any officer engaging in misconduct will give a bad reputation to the department. So police misconduct is horrible for the department as well as the community and we must all work together to fight police misconduct of any kind.

So, we are not saying all police officers are good and that there will not be any problems; we are saying let’s be fair and not paint all officers with a broad brush because of a few bad officers.

But let us never forget that our police officers go to work every day to protect and serve our communities, and that any day they could be killed in the line of duty. They are our local warriors, our community soldiers, and our heroes in blue. So let's support them and show them that we have their backs, just like they have ours.

So let's work together to make the Support Our Police project a national movement!

Take care,

Kevin Caruso
Executive Director


SupportOurPolice.com is a nonprofit entity. We work to promote officer safety, promote supportive actions towards police, and improve community relations with police.

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